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Glen Parva Parish Council

Serving the people of Glen Parva

The Ford

Clerk: Joanne Small
Parish Council Office, Dorothy Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicester, LE2 9JD

Tel: 0116 277 1450

Current Issues

The Parish Council is currently considering for following matters:-

-The future protection of Glen Hills Library

-The continuation of a quarterly newsletter which is distributed to every household in the parish. If you would like to advertise your business or event in the newsletter, please contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

-The Parish Council is supporting Glen Hills Primary School by providing the opportunity for parents to park their car at the Memorial Hall Car Park on Dorothy Avenue as part of a "Park & Stride" scheme to encourage walking to school and reducing traffic.

-The Parish Council continues to work with Blaby District Council, Leicester County Council and Leicester City Council to provide improved facilities on the Glen Parva and Glen Hills Nature Reserve adjacent to the Great Central Way. An application for Local Nature Reserve status was approved in November 2010.

-As part of the recent Crime & Disorder Strategy, the Parish Council is working with other agencies to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve facilities for young people.

-The Parish Council is working to revise it's bye laws in the near future.

-The Parish Council is working with residents and other agencies to improve the Knightsbridge Road estate.

-The Parish Council supports the need for a new railway station in Blaby.


The new Local Council Award Scheme was launched on 6 January 2015 and replaced the Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme.

The new Local Council Award Scheme will recognise and celebrate the successes of the very best councils, providing a framework to support all councils improve and develop tho meet their full potential.

The scheme will offer the opportunity to show that your council meets a set of standards and practices set by the sector and to put in place the conditions for continued improvement.



The precept requirement for the financial year 2015/16 is £171,077, which is based on the estimated income and expenditure for the year.

It should be noted that the figure of £171,077 represents an increase of 3% based upon last year's Band D figure. The Parish Council recognises the present financial climate and remains committed to providing value for money services, facilities and improvements for the local community. The main focus for the Council's expenditure for 2015/16 is the fixed costs in respect of the administration of the Council and the Glen Parva War Memorial Hall, together with the maintenance of the Council's open spaces and recreational areas. Budget provision has also been made for the provision of the Library Service by the Parish Council as a result of the proposed closure as part of the County Council's Spending Review.

The Council has agreed that this sum maintains the level of quality service provision without impacting too much upon the Council reserves. There is also a predicted increase in the role of Parish Council's and the provision of local services and facilities.

Views on how the parish could be improved are always welcome. The Parish Council Manager can be contacted on 0116 2771450 or via email.

The future funding for Parish Councils remains uncertain, particularly the status of the Council Tax Support Grant which is currently provided by Blaby District Council. Future capping is also a major consideration together with proposed devolution of other council services that may be at risk of closing or ceasing from other local authority budget restrictions.

Meetings of the Parish Council are usually held on the third Monday of every month at 7.30 p.m., at the Glen Parva War Memorial Hall, Dorothy Avenue, Glen Parva.

In addition, there are three main Council Committees. The Planning, Leisure & Environment, the Memorial Hall Management Committee and the Policy & Resources Committee usually meet on the first Monday of each month.

However, these meetings dates will be confirmed at the annual Parish Council meeting in May and may be subject to change due to Bank Holiday restrictions and variations in Council business. All agendas and notice of meetings are displayed on Council notice boards throughout the parish, Glen Hills Library and on the Parish Council website.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings. There is an opportunity for public participation at full Council meetings at the beginning of each meeting.

The Parish Council continues to issue a newsletter to households on a quarterly basis.

The Parish Council is pleased that a number of volunteers assist the Parish Council and their local community. Volunteer projects include Edward Drive Open Space, Aylestone Holt Spinney, Glen Parva Local Nature Reserve, Litter picking and Tree Wardens. The Parish Council would like to thank everybody for their support and assistance and if anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the Parish Council Manger.


The Parish Council has agreed to approve minor increases in charges for the Council's services and facilities provided which reflect the increased maintenance costs associated with these provisions. This increase is effective from 1 April 2015


On 6 August 2013 the BB19 bus from Blaby District Council visited Dorothy Avenue Playing Field and provided a range of fun activities for local young people. Additional support was provided by Si Sports and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. The Parish Council is delighted to participate in this partnership work for the benefit of the local community.


This year the Glen Parva War Memorial Hall celebrated it 50th birthday.

It was hope to hold an event in order to celebrate this but due to flooding of the building in June it was necessary to cancel event for health and safety reasons.

There has been a display of the history of the Hall inside the building and this will be displayed throughout the year.

An information document detailing the history of the Hall has been produced courtesy of Glenise Lee of Blaby and this has been featured in the Blaby Courier, community magazine.

The Parish Council remains committed in the maintaining and development of the Memorial Hall and in the future for ongoing benefit to the local community.


For a long time, the Parish Council has been looking into ways of protecting Dorothy Avenue Playing Field in perpetuity so that it is protected against any development in the future, due to potential implications of being located adjacent to the city boundary and possible boundary changes.

This is a complex area and the options available to the Parish Council in the past have not been without their limitations. However, this year, as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the Fields in Trust have set up the Queen Elizabeth Fields Challenge in order to have 2012 fields protected for the future in this scheme.

The Parish Council has therefore decided to nominate all of its open spaced in the Parish to the Fields in Trust and we are currently liaising with them about this matter. Protection via this scheme will enable the Parish Council to retain the freehold of the site.



The Parish Council recognises the need to consider different ways of communicating and promoting its work and activities as well as acknowledging the ever increasing amount of paper work that the Parish Council generates.

The Parish Council has therefore agreed to set up a working party to look into these areas in more detail.


Difficulties with parking outside the shops at The Parade at the junction of Needham Avenue and Cork Lane continue to be a cause for concern and the parish council is liaising with all interested agencies in order to find a solution to this matter.

Proposals are currently being considered for parking restrictions and a possible lay-by provision


Following a request earlier in the year for football coaching sessions to be held locally for young people, a scheme was held during the week of 20th August 2012 on Dorothy Avenue Playing Field in association with Blaby District Youth Council, Community Action Partnership, Leicester Youth Services, the Parish Council and Si Sports.

This was a very successful project with nearly 80 young people registering for the event during the week. It is hoped that future funding will be secured in order to enable this initiative to continue on a weekly basis.


Following liaison with the developers, McCarthy and Stone, it has been agreed that the
new development will be named 'Glen Hills Court'. The development of the site remains under progress with some aspect being reassessed and reviewed in order that McCarthy and Stone can deliver a high quality scheme for this site. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the development and progress of this site.


Leicestershire County Council has held a preliminary meeting with representatives of the Parish Council to outline the proposals prior to the full public consultation which will take place from 1 October to 28 October 2012. A static display will be held in Glen Hills Library during this period and the proposals will be available to view at Glen Parva War Memorial Hall on Saturday 6th October 2012 from 12 noon to 5.00pm. A special meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 8thOctober at 7.30pm at Glen Parva War Memorial Hall in order to consider a formal response to Leicestershire County Council.

Click on the link below to sign the e-petition on the County Council's website.


Since the installation of the bus corridor by the County Council the Parish Council has been monitoring the use and safety of the design.

Officers from the County Council attended the December meeting of the Parish Council in response to the council's concerns about the safety of the scheme.

The County Council has undertaken a safety audit and has subsequently commissioned a separate independent safety audit, which is currently being reviewed by the County Council.

The Parish Council will continue to liase with the County Council about the findings of the safety audit as well as our ongoing concerns.

If you have any concerns or need to report an incident about the use of the bus corridor please contact the County Council's Customer Services on 0116 3050001 or email CustomerServices@leics.gov.uk



Extensive management and maintenance is required for the spinney over the next two years in order to safeguard its future. The Parish Council is working with other agencies to provide an ecological survey, felling of selected trees and a replanting programme. The Parish Council hopes to form a ‘Friends of the Spinney’ group to assist in this process and if anyone is interest plese contact the Parish Office.


The Parish Council is exploring a range of differeng avenues to obtain suitable land for the provision of allotments in the parish.


Glen Parva Parish Council is pleased to announce that it has been successful in its financial bid to the Leicestershire County Council's Big Society Fund in order to undertake a Parish Plan Project in association with the Leicestershire Rural Community Council.

Leicestershire County Council launched the fund last year. Its main aim is to help communities to help themselves as part of the Government Big Society programme, which encourages local people to take responsibility and participate in local initiatives to improve their area.

The Parish Plan will engage and involve the local community as a whole and residents of Glen Parva will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the project in order to help identify and prioritise local issues of concern and work together to solve the problems raised.

The formation of a parish plan will help to prioritise local resources and ensure that all members of the local community are empowered to take part and improve local facilities and provide necessary evidence to ensure that appropriate services are provided. This evidence will help to seek external funding for improvement projects identified and will also assist in engaging the local community and endorsing community identity and
community spirit.

April 2012.

Notes for Editors:

Press Contact 1: Mrs J Small, Glen Parva Parish Council Manager. j.small@gppcouncil.org.uk;
0116 2771450

Leicestershire County Council Big Society Fund: www.leics.gov.uk/bigsocietygrantfund

Media note: for interviews, please contact the press office on 0116 305 6274.

Leicestershire Rural Community Council: www.ruralcc.org.uk; 0116 2662905


The Parish Council is committed to publishing as much information and data as it can, free of charge. This Open Data area has been created to help us to:

  • Increase openness and transparency.
  • Make the data we hold freely available online (subject to the Data Protection Act).
  • Encourage the public to interact with and use the data that is available.
  • Publish data in a machine readable format so that is can be re-used.

The Parish Council publish various categories of information for you to download and reuse in line with the conditions laid out in the Open Government Licence. Details about this license, which contain implications for users of our data, and other background information can be found in the Open Data section of the Help page.

Soms of this data is available in pdf format, if you cannot read this format follow this link to download Adobe reader which is free to use.